Meet the Maker

Hey there! I'm Jessica, the creative spirit behind Natural Earth Collective. My journey into jewelry design and metalsmithing is a heartfelt one, rooted in my lifelong love for art and nature.

How it all Started

I've always had an artistic nature, from drawing to painting, encouraged by my amazing elementary art teacher. Years ago, a sterling silver and sea glass necklace I found in Hawaii sparked my interest in metalsmithing. Fast forward a few years, and I decided to dive in and teach myself the craft.

Living on beautiful Kent Island, MD, I'm constantly inspired by the natural beauty around me. When my son left home to start his own life, I found myself facing an empty nest. That's when I decided to explore my long-time interest in metalsmithing.

The Journey of Self-Learning

I had a choice: take a weekend class or go all in and teach myself. I chose the latter, investing in some great starting tools and diving headfirst into learning. It's been a journey of trial and error, lots of experimenting, and plenty of late nights at the workbench, but I’ve loved every minute of it. With patience and countless hours of watching videos, I’ve honed my skills and started creating unique pieces of jewelry.


My Home Studio

My little home studio on the East Coast of Maryland is my happy place. It’s where I blend silver and gold with stunning natural stones from around the world, like turquoise and opals. Nature is my biggest muse, and I strive to create pieces that mix bohemian vibes, natural beauty, and a touch of class. Every piece is handmade with lots of love and attention to detail.


The Start of Natural Earth Collective

As my skills grew, so did the love for my jewelry. Friends and even strangers would comment on my pieces, which led me to start Natural Earth Collective. Each piece I create is a labor of love, crafted with care and a denection to nature.

Our Community

My jewelry speaks to women who love boho style and natural beauty. I'm so grateful for the growing community of supporters on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I love sharing my journey and creations with all of you.

I hope you enjoy my work and find that special piece meant just for you. Thanks for being here!


Jessica Foreman
Natural Earth Collective